If you also want to enjoy the convenience of call recording in your smartphone, then today's our article is specially for you. But you do not understand what to do to call a call in the phone, so today we will give information about this topic in our article about how you can easily record calls in Android and iPhone. It is worth noting that it is unethical and illegal to record calls without the permission of another person. In this case, you must give information about the call recording to the other person. Let us now provide detailed information about some important steps.


Such call record on Android

1) First Cube Call Recorder Download (Cube Call Recorder). After app download, open the app on the phone. 
2) The app will ask for permission from you so click on grant permission.   
3) Then click on Enable Overlay. 
4) Disable battery optimization for cube call recorder. This option is given in the settings, but it is difficult to tell the exact location because it is located in different places in every phone. You can also search in settings by typing optimization.


After performing all the steps mentioned above, the Cube Call Recorder will automatically record the calls you make and the receiver that receives. The thing to note is that some calls can be heard a little slow on the recorded call but the recording is clear.

Do this on iPhone call record - the first method

If you are an iPhone user and would like to make a call recording, you will find many call recorder applications on the app store. But there are a number of apps that ask for pre-minute recording fees.

If you have an Android phone then follow these steps to follow

1) The phone must have an active SIM. 
2) Download the cube call recorder and define the above steps. If your phone has a built-in call recorder, you do not need to download the app. 
3) Call your Android phone from the iPhone. 
4) Receive calls received on Android phone. 
5) Then call another contact from your iPhone. 
6) Once the call is received, click on the merge call on your iPhone. Please tell if the call recorder is working correctly on your Android phone, then it will automatically record your conference call.


Do this on iPhone call record- another way

If you have Mac available then you can record the iPhone call by following the steps stated below. If you do not have a Mac or another Android phone then you will have to use a paid app in such a situation, or you will have to record the voice in the voice recorder by placing the call on the loudspeaker.

Record call on iPhone with the help of Mac

1) Free software like QuickTime does not correctly record calls. So download Audio Hijack on Mac. It is a powerful audio recording app developed by Rogue Amoeba. You have to pay for audio hijack. But if you use its free trial, then it provides call recording up to 20 minutes in one session. 
2) Open the audio hijack and click on cmd + n or click on the new session after the session in top bar. 
3) This will ask you to choose a session template. Double-click on Application Audio. 
4) On the left side you will find application, recorder and output options. After clicking on the application, choose the face time in the source.
5) Click on the large record button that appears on the audio hijack when you will call or receive via MAC. You will find this option at the bottom left of the app window. 
6) After recording the stop, you will get the file in the Recordings section, shown below on the right.

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